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Devonshire is a leading provider of information products and services.

We add data to location and location to data.
Demographic Data Series

Demographic Data Series

Devonshire’s Demographic Data Series includes an extensive supply of core demographic variables, offering current-year estimates and 5-year projections of population, households, income, labor force, and housing. Our estimating models have been designed to more accurately reflect where people live, what makes them unique, and how their neighborhoods will change in the future.

Econometric Data Series

Econometric Data Series

Devonshire's Econometric Data Series marks the difference between potential and reality. You get a full picture of consumer and business spending and actual sales activity in any market -- that's supply and demand. It gives you the power to act, decisively and accurately. Survey prospective sites. Calculate market share. Plan a media campaign. Design sales territories. Measure your markets.

Business Data Series

Business Data Series

Devonshire's Business Data Series includes comprehensive information on every business location in the United States. Our Retail MarketPoint™ platform holds data on over 40,000 shopping centers and 3,000 regional and national retail chains. Our Business dmPLUS™ file contains the most inclusive business location data available. Every location.

Consumer Data Series

Consumer Data Series

Reach every consumer household in the nation or directly target your market with Devonshire's Consumer Data Series. Our segmentation system is a construct for viewing the world. It can help answer the core marketing questions -- Who are my customers? How many are there? Where are they? How do I reach them? What can I do to find more of them?



For your marketing analytic needs, Devonshire offers a full range of custom services. From market research to market potential.....modeling to mapping, Devonshire has your intelligent analytic solution. Custom profiling, modeling and geo-spatial data processing are among our core competencies.

SEA-RCH™ offers a range of products that have been designed specifically for media planners who must determine the most effective local search placements for their advertising. SEA-RCH™ has earned the trust of hundreds of publishers, agencies and advertisers who rely on our licensed media data, software and proprietary media planning services.


Devonshire Associates Ltd. is a leading provider of information products and services. For over twenty years, Devonshire has been quietly providing data to the nation’s leading media, retail, real estate and financial services firms. Our data has withstood the test of time.

Devonshire offers a robust Demographic Data Series as well as an Econometric Data Series which measures business and retail activity down to the neighborhood level. Our Business dmPLUS™ Database provides complete information on over 20 million business locations and our Consumer dmPLUS™ Database contains information on more than 124 million consumer households. Devonshire also provides geo-analytic services to companies nationwide.

In 2015, Devonshire acquired™ as part of our wider strategy to produce, enhance and deliver the most valuable geospatial information in the market. The product line has been expanded to include SEA-RCH™ Desktop, SEA-RCH+PLUS™, SEA-RCH™ Ratings, RE:SEA-RCH™ Media Metrics and GEO:SEA-RCH™ Digital Boundary Data.

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